Bi-Weekly Bouquet Subscription (6 weeks)


Our Bi-Weekly flower subscription features 6 of our premium, artisanal bouquets delivered to your home or office every 2 weeks throughout the summer.

The 2020 summer subscription season will start on June 11th.

All our bouquets are created in an informal garden-style and showcase the best of what we have to offer. Each bouquet will surprise you with a different mixture of flowers and foliage that changes throughout the season.

We may include a mix of flowers and foliage or we may surprise you with a bouquet of all one flower, such as peonies. Rest assured that no matter what the bouquet is created with, you will have received our freshest blooms, rich in texture and scent.

Bouquets will be delivered on Thursdays. The time of delivery will depend on the locale that we are delivering to and further details as to your specifics will be in your welcome email.

We communicate with all of our subscribers via email. A welcome email will go out one week prior to the start of the subscription with specifics on delivery. Please ensure that you (or the gift recipient) are receiving our emails.

Questions about Blumen Fields flower subscriptions? Contact us.