Meet the farmers of Blumen Fields Flowers Farm


The Purveyor of PetalsNadine Charlton

The main labourer of Blumen Fields Flower Farm and the reason for all of these flowers.

I was raised on a farm in northern Alberta and although we had a ridiculously short growing season and harsh winters, my mom never failed to fill the freezer and pantry with food she had grown. Some of my earliest memories as a child are helping to pick raspberries alongside my mom or being entranced by the smell of the sweet peas that she always grew along our porch. We moved away from the farm and the very small town that I grew up in because my parents wanted to make sure that I experienced more. And experience it I did. But I always dreamt of getting back onto a farm. We purchased our dream property in 2017 with the intent of growing local, specialty cut flowers. I am a Master Gardener and have won Communities in Bloom, but small-scale growing wasn’t enough. So after a 20 year career as an award-winning interior designer, I traded in dressy clothes for rubber boots and a sun hat! And I couldn’t be happier.


Of course, I couldn’t do all of this without help. And I’ve got some great help.


The Duke of Calculated Risks aka The Fixer of All Problems Real and PerceivedChris

My dear husband has the hardest job around. Being my husband is not an easy task to be sure but he makes it look effortless. From wiping tears, to fixing motors, this man truly does fix it all. My inspiration and my raison d’etre.


The Kingpin of the Kubota Myron

My dad has spent his entire life either professionally driving trucks or farming. Sometimes both at once. Needless to say, he has gotten very good at operating machinery and he makes use of the tractor like it’s another appendage. He’s also the master of irrigation and is indispensable in the field.


The Dowager of Doing It All Pat

My mom has spent her entire life doing. This woman will grow you the food, to cook you the meal, to sit you down at the table she painted, decorated with the tablecloth she crocheted, all while you are wearing the clothes that she sewed. She’ll also do your taxes and mend your broken fence. Just another Tuesday.


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